Woombie Air Wraps- Multiple Colors
Woombie Air Wraps- Multiple Colors
Woombie Air Wraps- Multiple Colors

Woombie Air Wraps- Multiple Colors

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Woombie Summer Swaddle - Kaia Papaya Multi-Use Organic Air Wrap Towel
Ultra absorbent for the beach, pool, bathtime, and more!
Suggested uses: Baby swaddle, breathable nursing cover, breathable stroller cover, beach cover-up/sarong, beach or pool towel, cargo covers for the car, hair wrap, bath towel, sports towel, and more!
Features: Kaia Papaya Air Wrap Organic Towels are oversized, measuring 44 x 55 inches. They are uber vented to be lightweight and breathable, and are stretchy and absorbent. They are great for repeated use for the pool or in the beach due to their quick-dry ability. Because of the ventilation design, air flows through faster, meaning faster drying time - even for your air.
Kaia Papaya Air Wrap designs are organic and vegan, and use sustainable packaging.

Features & details

  • 100% Cotton
  • Kaia Papaya Multi-Use Air Wrap Towel - 44 x 55" Over-Sized Towel - Made With 100% Organic Cotton
  • Organic, Vegan, Sustainable, No Animal Cruelty, And Even Has Recycled Packaging!
  • Towel Is Stretchy, Lightweight, Breathable, And Uber Vented
  • Super Absorbent For Multiple Uses In The Pool Or At The Beach - The Air Wrap Towel Even Dries Your Hair Faster Than A Regular Towel!
  • Multiple Uses: Baby Swaddle, Breathable Nursing Cover/Stroller Cover, Beach Towel, Bath Towel, Hair Wrap, Coverup/Sarong, Sports & More!